Enhance your Modern Interior Style with Timber Venetian Blinds

Blinds are some of the most common window fittings in the world. Go to any corner of the globe, and you will find blinds being used to prevent influx of sunlight and maintain privacy for the occupants. Such is their popularity that although they originated in a very small part of the world, they have since become the standard window fitting for just about any home or office.

Venetian Blinds: The Origin of Blinds

The style factor that they possessed made them all the more popular among the more modern Venetian households.

Common Venetian Blinds Manufacturing Materials

While today they are being manufactured in a number of materials, they were initially made of timber. Timber venetian blinds proved very useful as timber, by nature, is a very poor conductor of heat, and therefore does very well as a temperature control agent. Timber Venetian blinds are also beneficial in terms of aesthetic appeal, since they meld very well into classically decorated interiors.

That is not to say, however, that they are not suited to more contemporary interior settings. However, they are best suited to wooden features inside the room or professional space; making them ideal for interiors that have such features.

Metal is also very popular as a material for Venetian blinds. Although blinds that are made of metal do not actually qualify as traditional Venetian blinds, they are still very beneficial. They are more durable than wood, they need a lot less maintenance, and they also have a much longer life, as well as resistance to wear and tear.

Plastic blinds consist of the majority of blinds you will find in the market. Plastic combines the best of both worlds; in terms of weather and heat resistance, and durability, and so it is used to manufacture blinds, as well as other window treatments.

Advantages of Timber Venetian Blinds

Although blinds come in many materials; for the aesthetically conscious and those looking to enhance their interior style, timber venetian blinds are still the best choice. Following are some of the reasons why.

  • Timber venetian blinds are very attractive when customised according to the interior living space. They can also be made according to professional spaces such as offices, however, in those settings, they have to be manufactured to be somewhat tougher.
  • Blinds made from wood are very light and do not require much effort to install. This is mostly due to their very little weight as well as the thinness that they can incorporate, without sacrificing durability.
  • While wood may not be as durable as metal, it is still very sturdy, and can take a lot of wear and tear. Timber is also weather resistant to a degree, and timber Venetian blinds are not very likely to lose shape and structural integrity if exposed to excessive moisture.
  • Timber Venetian blinds are best when there is very little colour added to the outside sheen. This is because the natural wood colour goes very well with a number of interior applications. Just make sure the blinds you are buying have been treated with a protective varnish.

Increased Security

Install timber venetian blinds inside all of your interiors and enjoy all the benefits that come along with this classic piece of traditional window treatment.

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