Functional and Fashionable Addition to Your Home – Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have become a popular way of covering windows. They are preferred over other kinds of window draperies due to the casual look they reflect as well as the ability to control the amount of light or wind that gets in. They are truly functional and fashionable.

Functional yet stylish


Windows in your home provide passage to much needed natural light and air. They allow you to feel the cool breeze in summer afternoons when the temperature indoors is getting on your nerves.

The usefulness of these highly functional parts of your home can be further enhanced with roller blinds that give you the perfect combination of looks and purpose. You can easily roll them up when you want more light or air or let them loose when you want neither.

  • Roller blinds allow control over the amount of sunlight coming in.
  • They can  be rolled up so your toddler does not get injured in accidents that drapes allow.
  • They are usually made around your window’s measurements so you can use the room you have under the window to stack other things.
  • As a fully functional window covering, roller blinds provide the privacy you need.
  • They come in many colours, patterns, designs, and fabric to match any wall’s needs.

And so on.


A kitchen has its own needs when it comes to light and air. Many home owners use a different shade and style of wall paint for the kitchen to put function over aesthetics. After all, the room where your meals are made has to be optimised for cooking.

For your kitchen windows, you cannot use the kind of roller blinds you picked for your sitting room windows. To select the right kitchen blinds, you should remember to:

  • Use tough materials that will do well in the hot environment of your kitchen.
  • Opt for darker shades in the fabric so stains and blots do not become prominent.
  • Use materials that can be washed or cleaned easily without getting damaged.

With the right kind of kitchen blinds, you can make your kitchen windows look beautiful as well as protect your countertops and the items resting there.

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Bathroom windows and shower also require their own kind of coverings. Since there is a lot of water running in this particular room, you have to choose materials and fabric that is water-resistant. However, that does not mean you only pick pale plastic curtains that add no beauty to the looks of your bathroom and are unpleasant to touch. Bathroom blinds can be the perfect choice for your windows if you remember to:

  • Select water-resistant fabrics to avoid wear.
  • Use dark colours to complement the usually pale walls of a bathroom.
  • Choose light materials so your bathroom blinds are easy to manoeuvre.

Roller blinds are thus an ideal way to decorate your bathroom without spending any extra money. With the many styles and designs they come in, bathroom blinds can be highly useful and still look pleasant to the eye.

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There are a number of benefits to buying your roller blinds from us.

  • We have a huge variety of styles, materials, and colours you can choose from.
  • Our interior design consultants will help you pick the right kitchen and bathroom blinds.
  • Our extensive collection allows choice in selection based on your budget, favourite colour, etc.

What are you waiting for? Visit our showroom and shop for your roller blinds today! Call 1300 950 243 for inquiries.

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