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How can you reduce the amount of light that enters your home? In a simple and affordable way that is. Whether you just like dimness, want to improve the ambiance of your space, filter out sunlight to protect yourself from UV rays or just want to sleep better in the wee hours of the morning, windows shutters or blinds are the best option. Install them, and enjoy how much and how easily, you can control the amount of light in your home.

And oh, they provide you with so many other benefits. Window shutters and blinds are a multipurpose option. They control the heat and prevent too much sunlight from getting inside your house, thus, increasing the effectiveness of your cooling system; they maintain your privacy; they keep allergens and dust away, and not to forget, they improve the look of the room, making it more attractive. Do they increase your home’s value? Yes, they do!

What about other features? They are durable, last a long time, simple to install, and easy to maintain. So all in all, window shutters and blinds are a great option.

A Simple Means to Control Light

Window shutters and blinds are a simple and economical way to reduce your home light. Close them completely so that your room becomes cool and snug. Or you could open them, and in, would march the sunlight – good option for the winter seasons, this is.

And oh, if you choose plantation shutters, you can have even more control, because you have the option of installing a rail that lets you open only one half of the shutters. Yes, more control.

Shutters or Blinds – Which is Better?

Should you go with blinds or shutters? The two are different, so which one will be more affordable?

Shutters – For more privacy, better air flow, more light control and a stylish look

Shutters are available in custom designs; most of the manufacturers will tailor them exactly according to your window size. Generally, they are made from aluminium, PVC, vinyl and timber. They remain fixed in their place, adding to your home value.

Compared to blinds, shutters provide you more light control. You can adjust the slats to let in your desired amount of light and air, or completely close them for a full blockage.  And you can install then inside or outside your home. Plus, shutters are more durable than blinds.

Window shutters add classiness to your home, and so, they are usually priced higher than blinds.

Blinds – A practical choice when flexibility and affordability are top of the list

Blinds are also available in several styles such as roller blindsvenetian blinds and panel glides – vertical and horizontal slats are their most prominent feature. They are made from fabric, plastic or aluminium. At times, they may feature a sheer fabric that covers the structure to maintain privacy if you open the blinds.

As already stated, they are usually more affordable than shutters. But they don’t reduce light as much as shutters, unless you completely close them.  If you don’t want your home to become too dark during the day, then maybe you should go with blinds.

A Little Tip

The wider the louver, the more control you have.  They give you the best view of the outside, and let an optimal amount of light enter the room. Close them, and you can completely block out all light.

Empire Sydney has a huge collection of window shutters and blinds. Browse our product line, and pick your favourite window covering option.

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