Ease of Maintenance for Window Furnishings

Ease of Maintenance for Window Furnishings

Tips and Tricks for the Care and Maintenance of your Window Furnishings

Window treatments serve multiple functions in any household, not only do they protect the privacy of your home, and provide vital cover from harmful UV light, but they also serve as a stylistic focus for the design and décor of your rooms.

In order to preserve both the form and function of these furnishings, it is vital that you take the time to engage in their routine cleaning and maintenance. Whether you’re dusting by hand, utilizing vacuum or taking furnishings down entirely for a good wash and iron, here are some tips and tricks for keeping them looking good, and working well for years to come.


An appropriately placed pair of shutters can really boost the value of your home. Not only are they exceedingly practical, but they’ll also provide quality, uniqueness and decorative appeal that draws eyes whether you’re out on the street in Sydney or in the comfort of your home. Make no mistake shutters are high quality window treatments and they’re built to last, but if you leave them untouched they will gather, dirt, dust and wear over time.

For natural wood shutters such as high-quality basswood plantation shutters, it’s important that you pay close attention to the materials and liquids you’re using for cleaning. Strong chemicals or rough fabrics can easily damage the finish and cause warping or discoloration. Instead, start off by vacuuming to get rid of large source of dust, then use a soft dust cloth to clean your basswood plantation shutters. If you’re looking to handle stubborn dirt and stains then add in a mild soap or wood-specific cleaner after dusting.

For synthetic shutters you can use milder cleaning solutions of vinegar to take care of stains, just make sure to wipe clean using soap water after application.

When opening your shutters make sure not to use the tilt rod, this pulls out vital fittings and causes damage to the shutters, instead, pull them open gently using the slats bracing against the stile. Be warned that some shutters are designed with slats that only close in an upwards direction.

Painted shutters will require periodic touchups and re-painting due to scratches from regular use, so be aware of this before opting for a painted solution. Similar to wood shutters, painted ones cannot be cleaned using harsh chemicals or rough surfaces as this will be sure to strip the color away. Trust in a soft cloth and a mild soap if needed.


Venetian blinds low maintenance Sydney Australia
Style without too much work

Cleaning blinds is generally quite similar to cleaning shutters. Just like with basswood plantation shutters and other wood shutters, you want to make sure not to use harsh chemicals on wood blinds.

General recommendations are to regularly vacuum your blinds using a brush attachment, this will limit your deep cleanings to once or twice a year. Most superficial cleaning can be taken care of using a damp cloth treated with some vinegar or mild soap. Wood blinds can be dried off and applied with a conditioner to add some polish; while vinyl or faux wood surfaces will benefit from a fabric softener to keep away dust, after cleaning. When dusting make sure to wipe with the slats, or honeycombs so you don’t damage them.

While blinds do come with the added attraction of being removable, Venetian and Roman fabric blinds in particular being easier to take off. Don’t think about cleaning them like curtains, washing will only lead to discoloration, and these fabrics are delicate. Use a wet soapy cloth for stains, and a vacuum brush attachment for dust, if necessary you can go over the blinds afterwards with a lint roller for a clean finish.

Venetian blinds offer the benefit of low maintenance, easy to use and clean as well as a stylish finish to your home. We have a variety of colours and styles customised to your home’s design. Call us today or visit us in store.

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