Plantation window shutters increase home value

Plantation window shutters increase home value

Are plantation window shutters worth it?

Consider plantation window shutters as a worthwhile investment for your property. First of all. they are one of the best window furnishings that can provide enhanced beauty, heightened privacy and natural airflow around your home. As they can control the light that comes in, they keep furniture and flooring from fading.

Aside from being great-looking, they improve the quality of life through their energy efficiency. Louvered windows insulate a home by reducing heat loss for up to 40%. Reducing home requirements for air conditioning will also reduce power usage.

Fitted to windows and glass sliding doors, these shutters can be installed inside and outside. They are often used to enclose balconies, bay windows as well as rounds and arches. They can also be used for special cupboard fronts or as room dividers.

Want to know more about how plantation shutters can increase the value and desirability of your home? Call us at 131 950 or visit the Empire showroom in Sydney.

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