Empire Window Furnishings’ Top 5 Considerations When Selecting Bedroom Curtains

From the way light is filtered to privacy, to insulation, to design, ensuring a prime bedroom curtains choice is made can be crucial to the overall functionality of your bedroom.

When selecting your bedroom window curtains, there are numerous options. While there are advantages to having a range of choices, it can be easy to lose sight of what you should be looking for:

  • functionality
  • lighting
  • aesthetics
  • privacy
  • insulation

Here are some essential tips to consider when choosing your bedroom window curtains.

  1. The functionality of your Bedroom space:

It’s a good idea to start this process by considering how you use your bedroom. For example, if you only sleep in your bedroom, you might have different requirements than someone who has a WFH office set up in their room.

Primarily, the bedroom Curtains is for sleeping, so ensuring that your curtain choice exudes an ambience conducive to relaxation is essential. However, although a darker option is ideal here, too dark can make the room appear smaller, so be mindful of what other purposes the bedroom space serves.

If a WFH office is stationed in your bedroom, maximum control over how much natural light comes in is paramount in minimising screen glare. In this case, light filtering curtains are probably the best way to go. Light filtering curtains can remarkably control the amount of light entering without entirely blocking it.

  1. Let there be light (or not):

Curtains give you ultimate control over light. By choosing total blockout, semi-transparency, filtered light or full exposure materials, you can enjoy a varying range of light-filtering, depending on the fabric selected.

Enjoy a well-lit room with sheer fabric curtains, or relish in maximum darkness with blockout darkening fabrics. There are also options for getting some filtered light in the room; however, this is best left in the hands of Empire Window Furnishings’ experts, who can assist in establishing the perfect light balance for your bedroom Curtains.

  1. Getting a good night’s sleep:

Window furnishings can also impact one’s physical and mental health simply because they can affect sleep. The more light blocked out, the deeper the sleep, contributing to your circadian rhythm. This means that your good night’s rest can rely on quality curtains in your bedroom.

In addition to light penetration, think about how noisy your room is and if this affects your sleep. As well as keeping rooms dark, heavy blockout curtains can be very effective at reducing noise in a room, which is the ultimate option if you live near a busy road or in a noisy neighbourhood.

  1. Privacy should be a number one priority:

Bedroom curtains can also be a medium for privacy; whether open or closed, your bedroom curtain should not compromise this. Experts will be able to assist in choosing quality curtains that keep the room active and bright while maintaining privacy.

Sheer curtains are very picturesque and provide a sophisticated but soft aesthetic to a bedroom Curtains. Despite this, they might not be the best option if you live on the ground floor of an apartment complex with windows overlooking the street. If privacy is a significant factor for you, double curtains – sheer with blockout on a double track, are the ideal choice.

  1. Controlling the thermal properties of your bedroom:

Keeping your bedroom Curtains nice and cosy in the winter without sweltering in the height of summer can extraordinarily impact the comfort levels of the space. Quality thermal curtains can improve energy efficiency in the bedroom and the rest of the home during winter and summer. Multi-layered, these curtains serve as a barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces, improving how air infiltrates and transfers heat.

It is important to remember that bedroom curtains are not ‘just’ a window dressing. Carefully selecting fabric and composition can assist in creating a comfortable atmosphere for years on end while providing warmth, sleep, privacy and, of course, a positive aesthetic.

Empire Window Furnishings can assist you in your quest for the perfect window coverings. Available in a wide selection of fabrics, colours and prints, our curtains can improve and personalise your space. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for specific product ideas or more advice.

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