Enhance the Elegance of your Room with Custom Curtains

Nowadays, the variety of window furnishings available in the market is endless. There are so many options to choose from that homeowners are often left confused about the choices they should make for their home – especially when they’re choosing from the more eclectic, modernistic styles and designs.
However, we’ve found that regardless of how different, unusual, or unique the window finish might be, there’s just something that’s a class apart about custom-made curtains.

What are Window Curtains?

Despite the common confusion between curtains and drapes, they are not quite the same thing. Curtains are panels of fabric, usually sold in pairs. Curtains can be made from a wide variety of materials, and textures. However, they most often are hung from a rod through a variety of hanging options.

Modern feature to your room

Factors Which Enhance Curtains’ Aesthetic Appeal


Curtains are available in a huge range of fabrics, colours, sizes, patterns and even textures. The sheer number of choices available for curtains ensures that there is something available to suit the individual needs, personal preferences and requirements of every single homeowner.


Curtains are by far the only window furnishing option which has the capability to completely transform the outlook of a living space. Your choice of curtains and its additional trimmings or lack of them can make your room as casual or as formal as you wish it to be.

Decorative Flexibility

With curtains, homeowners have complete decorative flexibility as they can experiment with the interior décor of the room. From very simple to very complex and elaborate designs; curtain options are as flexible as they come. Depending on your personal preference and your needs, you can choose curtains that serve functional purposes such as for controlling light or adding insulation, or you can use them as statement decorative pieces with little use beyond adding a splash of bold colour to liven up an otherwise boring room.

Alternative Forms

The great thing about curtains is that they have a number of alternative forms and additions that can elevate the curtain style to a whole new level. Unlike other window covering options which are one toned in the sense that they rarely have alternative finishes, curtains have additional styling accessories that homeowners can play with.

For panel styling, there are tieback, hourglass, overlaps, and tent flap options. For the headings, or the area of the curtain which attaches to the rod, or rail, there are pleat, rod-pocket, eyelets, and tab-tops options. For homeowners that prefer an edgier or toned down look in their homes, depending on their choice of course, they also have the choice between Valances, scarves, and swags – all of which are alternative forms of the conventional floor length curtain.

Benefits of Custom-made Curtains

Curtains have numerous benefits which considerably increase their aesthetic appeal – however, often times, homeowners fail to take full advantage of the aesthetic advantages that curtain can offer by selecting off-the-shelf, mass produced curtains readily available at various home stores.
These curtains, though economical, are made for a standard sized window often making them the completely wrong fit for homes with custom windows of varying lengths, sizes and window sill levels. This is where custom-made curtains come in.

Custom curtains are curtains that are made specifically, by a professional contracture, based on the exact measurements of the home’s windows. Custom made curtains offer home owners the flexibility of selecting the curtains based on not only the size of their home’s windows, but also the opportunity to customise the fabric, colour, texture, pattern and opacity of the curtains.

What’s more, with custom made curtains, you can also adjust and add the various alternative trimmings and curtain linings are you require. Furthermore, homeowners can match their window furnishing hardware choices with the rest of the home interior to follow the décor theme unique to their living space.

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