Better Home Security with Roller Shutters

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Roller shutters on your exterior window furnishings can be great – they give you the added security at a very good cost! Houses can only be called homes if the safety of your loved ones is guaranteed inside. Installing roller shutters on external window furnishings can add an extra layer of security to your house. There are different reasons as to why roller shutters are a good security option to install on the exterior of your house.

Protect your home from outside intruders

Durable Material of Roller Shutters is Difficult to Cut through

The first and foremost security benefit of using roller shutters on the exterior window furnishings is the durability of material that is used in their making. Good quality roller shutters are made of strong and heavy materials such as steel or iron. These hard metals can’t be cut through without using heavy tools. An attempt to create any bifurcations and cuts through them will most certainly make loud noises. Both these factors will deter burglars from encroaching upon your property.

Roller shutters can’t be removed entirely

Would it be easy to remove the entire shutter without trying to cut through it? The answer is no since  quality roller shutters are so closely fit with windows furnishings that an intruder would need a team of many to pull the entire shutter out of its fitting.

Roller Shutters: Act as Physical and Visual Deterrent

There is no doubt that roller shutters are brilliant physical deterrents on window furnishings of the exterior. But they are also a good visual deterrent for many petty burglars. Intruders would not even attempt to break into a house or property that has roller shutters on its windows and doors.

Invisible Screws

The guide rails of shutters are built in a way that intruders coming with hardware tools can’t find the screws once the shutter is in a closed position.

There are different types of roller shutters that you can pick to improve the security of your house:

Built-in roller shutter

In this type of roller shutter, the shutter box is fixed on the horizontal support across the top of the window.

Built-on roller shutter

The shutter box is fitted on the exterior of the building fascia.

Integrated shutters

The window and shutter are combined in one assembly.

Electric shutters

To provide convenience, these shutters come with motors fit in their rollers. You can control these shutters through electrical switches and remote controls.

Push and pull shutters

These shutters are the most basic and reasonable types of shutters. They are manually operated and require very low maintenance.

Grill shutter rolling

These shutters are made of strong steel grills. They are a good option if you want to add more security to your windows without compromising on the ventilation.

Apart from providing you and your family with a better sense of security, they are some other benefits that can be reaped by using roller shutters.

Great Insulator

Roller shutters are also a good option to provide your house with insulation. In summers, they will protect the inside of your house from blazing sunlight and in winters they are good to keep the warm air inside the house. Insulation capability of roller shutters can reduce your energy bills throughout the year.

Protection from Physical Damage of Weather Extremities

During a spell of hailstorm or heavy winds, having your exterior windows protected with roller shutters can save them from any physical damage especially if  you have glass windows.

Noise Reduction

If your house faces a busy main road then roller shutters on the windows can significantly help in reducing the noise inside your house for a stress free environment.

Get quality roller shutters of different types and styles from a window furnishing store in your area and add the necessary security layer to your exterior window furnishings.

Roller Shutters offer many security benefits for your home. We offer a wide variety of colours and styles, customised for any window shape and size. If you are worried about outside intruders peering into your family home contact us today. We’ll provide you with the best options and styles to enhance the security of your home. We have many types of shutters available on display at our Sydney showroom. Protect your home and call Empire Window Furnishings today at 131 950.

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