How to Save On Energy Costs with Roller Shutters

Your home’s temperature control all year round

With technological advancements and automation, the world today is increasingly dependent on electrical sources of energy. However, with increased dependency and use comes an increased energy cost too. This is mainly why there are so many of us struggling to pay our monthly energy bills, save money, and conserve the world’s limited natural resources as well. Unfortunately, it’s rare for anyone to manage all three things equally well within any given month.

Nevertheless, there is one sure-shot way which guarantees that not only will you be able to comfortably pay the monthly energy bill, but also save both your money and the naturally depleting resources, as well—installing roller shutters.

What are Roller Shutters?

A roller shutter is a window treatment which consists of a number of horizontal vanes or slats, also called web systems, which are connected together. The horizontal slats can be adjusted and opened to your desired level in order to allow easy light filtering. These window treatments are raised or rolled upwards to open and are lowered to close them. They are exclusively designed to fit very closely with the window when rolled down. When rolled open, the shutters are hidden away in a covering known as a cassette.

Usually made from either aluminium, or steel, the roller shutters can either be operated with the use of a window opener manually, or they may be fitted with an electric mechanism that allows automated operation.

Energy Costs and Other Benefits of Roller Shutters

There are more than a few benefits of roller shutters as window treatments, they include but are not limited to the following:

Energy Saving

Usually window treatments fail in reducing energy costs because the gaps in and around the window pane area allows for loss of temperature. Roller shutters on the other hand, are not only closely fitted to the window to keep the temperature maintained within the home; they are also foam-filled with a metal profile which keeps the harsh weather at bay.

The roller shutters keep the summer heat out during the summers, keeping your home cool, thereby reducing the air conditioning usage and ultimately lowering the electricity bill. Even if the shutters themselves get warm due to constant sun exposure, the insulated core of the shutter keeps the exterior high temperatures from penetrating in. In the winters, the shutters keep the cold out by trapping the heat and warmth inside. By using these shutters, you will be able to minimise the use of heating and cooling systems to the bare minimum, effectively lowering your energy bills exponentially.

Reduce Noise Levels

The insulated core of the roller shutters is not just beneficial for lowering energy costs – it also works particularly well in keeping out the unwanted noise pollution. This is especially beneficial for people living in crowded city areas where noise levels are through the roof.

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Increased Sun Protection

Homes built directly facing the sun have the added advantage of getting unending natural light. However, increased exposure to the sun is not only harmful for a home’s interior, it’s also particularly damaging for human skin.

The use of roller shutters allows a homeowner to have complete control over the amount of sun exposure they have. The adjustable vanes enable you to filter the light according to your needs.

Increased Privacy and Security

Roller shutters are a great window treatment option for both domestic and commercial purposes. Often made from metal, roller shutters are incredibly strong. Thus, they are able to withstand the damage from particularly harsh weather conditions. The strength of the insulated shutters also ensures maximum security and safety from human elements.

Furthermore, by offering completely opacity, the roller shutters help maintain your privacy as well, easily keeping out the prying, peeping eyes.

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