Secure your Home with Window Screens

Benefits of Window Screens

The topmost priority for homeowners nowadays is feasibility that provides security as well. As crime rates surge above expected levels and we have an increase in the number of people that have had intrusions in their home, it is imperative that you go for solutions that provide security to you.

Home security solutions

One such innovation that became popular amongst the masses was that of screens for windows and doors. These screens not only provide countless other benefits, but also ensure that your security is not compromised at any time of the day. A few of the benefits that you will be enjoying through the use of screens for windows and doors are:

Cost Savings
The cost to cool your home is often too much to handle for businesses. The cost of using your air conditioner whenever you feel the summer rays killing you can make your power bills go touch the skies. The sane solution out of this conundrum is to have window and door screens installed. They will act as extra insulation behind the windows and doors and will ensure that your house remains cool. The cooling will be consistent and you will rarely feel the sun barging into your room.
Let the Air in, Not the Bugs
One of the biggest benefits of screens is that the air from outside still comes in. Imagine a windy evening during the summer season. You open the window to let in the air, but what you get is a plethora of bugs and mosquitoes that keep you up all night. Well, bid adieu to this problem, as you can easily enjoy the ravishing feeling of fresh air without being threatened by bugs. The screen works in keeping the bugs out, as there is no inlet for them to make their way in. With screens installed, the fresh air still comes in, minus the bugs. Moreover, screens also help in keeping out debris that can accumulate to form a plethora of dust within your home.
Enhanced Security

Security is one of the biggest benefits that you will experience with the use of window and door screens. A break-in is indeed an unfortunate event in life, which can be averted through the necessary implementation of screens across your home. A few tips you should follow while putting up the screens, to ensure maximum security are:

  • Cover all corners: It is important that you cover all corners while installing the screens. Retractable screens are the new rave, so feasibility might not be an issue for you. Cover all backdoors, front doors and windows to ensure that there are no easy passages leading inside.
  • Remember to Replace Broken Screens: With the passage of time, screens tend to get battered by the weather condition outside and suffer damages. Broken screens can be used by thieves lingering around in your vicinity, to jump in any time. Remember to always replace broken screens with new ones, so that your home and family is always protected.
  • Cut back on Plants near Entry Points: Small trees and shrubs near the entry point of your home can prove to be excellent hideouts for thieves and burglars. Clear away these bushes to ensure that there is nothing coming compromising on the safety of you and your family.
Reduced Sunlight
Many of the screens are designed in a way that reduces the amount of sunlight entering your home. Once the sunlight entering your home is reduced, the heat gain will go down by itself. This can decrease the cost of energy as mentioned above, and can also reduce the damage that is often done to floors and furnishing by the sun rays coming from outside.

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