Benefits of Installing Shutters in Your Home

Looking for the perfect addition to your home’s windows that not only adds to the setting but is practical, too? Shutters can be the perfect window furnishing for your home. They allow light to pour into your living room or bedroom when it’s daytime, and allow security from prying eyes when it’s night time. Here are some advantages of having shutters installed in your home.

Shutters add a dash of personalization to your home

If you’re thinking along the lines of the ever popular Feng Shui principles or just want your home to have an uplifting look, shutters are a great option. There are a number of colours in shutters, that help you contrast your decor for a bolder look. You can even choose matching colours for your shutters that will add to the setting of the room.

The personalization doesn’t stop there, either. You can have custom fitted shutters to fit the design of your windows. This bumps your house to the next level in the neighborhood. The light coming in from the shutter can create the ambience you desire in your rooms. So if you’re having lunch with your family or just with your loved one, you can actually set the mood of the dinner. That’s thanks to the amount of light you let into your rooms using the shutter’s louvers.

They last longer than your average window treatment

While blinds or curtains can be destroyed in a matter of seconds by your pets, shutters are durable and robust in their construction. This means that with proper maintenance they can last much longer than comparable window treatments.

Wood is a great base material to be used for exterior shutters that are customized to fit your home’s windows. Properly sealed, it can withstand hurricanes and torrential downpours. Custom made shutters undergo strict quality control to allow it to last longer and tolerate high wind speeds. In any case, shutters are great window treatments when it comes to strength.

This can be supported by the fact that before there were glass windows, wooden shutters occupied their place.

Save valuable energy and resources while controlling the light

That’s right. With shutters, you can save up on your utilities easily. Summers and winters can be equally as unforgiving on you and your home and you need heaters and air conditioners to normalise the indoor environment. If your house is not insulated well enough, the indoor heat can enter or escape from cracks and crevices in your homes windows.

Shutters provide great insulation when custom fitted into the windows. The slats can completely interlock with each other and make sure that no air gets in or out when you need to conserve energy. This has a direct and positive impact on your energy bill as the heating and cooling becomes more efficient. The amount lost to the surroundings reduces considerably and over time you will begin to notice a change in your utility bills. But that’s not the only benefit of having window shutters.

When light enters the bedroom, it allows a natural transition for you to wake up. Shutters can be helpful in allowing this light to enter naturally without causing much inconvenience to you. Enjoy more wakefulness when you have shutters installed in your home.

When the sun is at its peak, the last thing you want is to suffer a sunburn while reading or doing your work at home. Shutters are a great way to allow minimal beneficial sunlight to penetrate through the adjustable louvers. You stay protected from the harmful, cancer causing UV rays, while still reaping the benefits of natural sunlight, in moderation.

For quality shutters, call Empire Window Furnishings at 131 950.

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