Modern Finish to your Home using Plantation Shutters

If you want to spend a less amount of money on your window furnishings without compromising on the contemporary look of your interior, then vinyl plantation shutters could be your choice. However, there are some limitations you will have to face because they are not structurally that strong. Especially with large window fittings, you might face the issue of shutter sagging.

In smaller sizes, they are best bet for your money. They are light weight and weather resistant. They are a good option if you want to block sunlight. Vinyl shutters are also good for areas with high humidity levels. In summers, Sydney has an average humidity of 65%, making vinyl plantation shutters a good option of window furnishings in the city.

Vinyl plantation shutters can be reinforced to prevent rapid sagging in the shutters. Vinyl skeletons are used within the shutters to support their weight. Some other variants of plantation shutters are also available with added benefits. For instance, vinyl plantation shutters with aluminium support can be another inexpensive option to get more structurally integral shutters. Vinyl plantation shutters with hard wood framing can provide you with structural durability of wood and weather resistant quality of vinyl coating.

In kitchens and bathrooms with small windows and high levels of moisture, vinyl plantation shutters are the best choice of window furnishings.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters- A Good Deal of Style and Cost

If you don’t want to spend too much on your window furnishings, then faux wood or engineered wood plantation shutters can suit well to your style as well as your budget. These plantation shutters are basically made of composite material in which medium density fibre wood with PVC or vinyl coating are used. They are also aesthetically appealing while equally weather resistant due to the addition of PVC and vinyl.

Wood Plantation Shutters – An Ultimate Window Treatment Option

They are the most elegant plantation shutters. In fine wood quality, these shutters offer the best strength-to-weight ratio, which means they will be strong and durable enough even with their lighter weight. You can also flaunt your designing skills by customising them with different paints and stains. To give your bedroom an elite and elegant touch of modern style, wood plantation shutters are the best. They are also good for your sophisticated, high-end renovation plan of living spaces or drawing rooms.

Distinctive Features of Plantation Shutters

You should take care of safety methods while choosing new blinds for your home. Some of the tips you can follow to assure these safety methods are:

  • Apart from a versatile window furnishing option, plantation shutters can be used to divide your home space if you want to remodel your house with a minimum budget. Wall niches can also be converted into cabinets by using plantation shutters.
  • Since plantation shutters don’t have any strings and cords embedded in their structure, they are a good option for households with toddlers and children.
  • With different designs and styles of plantation shutters, you won’t need to add any extra layers of window treatments. They are a complete package of window treatment on their own.
  • You can use them in both capacities; to make your windows a source of light and to block out all the light when you want some solitude and darkness in your room. To get the customised design and material of your choice for plantation shutters, visit a good window furnishing store in your area.

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