Add a Touch of Feng Shui to your Homes with Venetian Blinds

There are some great ways of expressing your personality. You can choose to paint, draw, play music, exercise and much more. One more way in which you can choose to express yourself is through your blinds. You can opt for your blinds in accordance with Feng Shui concepts. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief system that says that the way your house and its contents are placed affects the flow of energy or Qi (chi). This, in turn, affects your happiness, success and health.

Venetian Blinds for Great Health

Did you know that if you install venetian blinds may be a source of positive energy in the house? That they may bring good health, wellness and prosperity? The catch, though, is that it has to be according to the Feng Shui colors and shapes. Clean and clear windows of your house are a necessary part of good Feng Shui. It’s fairly obvious that no one likes dirty windows, but in Feng Shui, it has a deeper meaning attached to it.

In Feng Shui concepts, your windows are the eyes of your home and reflect your own ability to see clearly. This means that when your windows are clean, it shows that you see things and make decisions clearly in life. As far as vertical venetian blinds are concerned; their shape, colour and fabric matter the most.

When you use natural fabrics such as linen or cotton for your window furnishings such as venetian blinds, they increase the flow of healthy energy. They’ll allow sunlight into your home in the morning and allow privacy during the night so you can sleep easily.

Choose the Right Shapes for Window Furnishings

Feng Shui is also particular when it comes to shapes as each shape represents an element. If you use roller shutters, they may be made of rectangular metal slats interlocked together. These window furnishings can therefore be believed to incorporate the wood and metal elements of Feng Shui. The wood element represents healing and growth.

Wood is considered to give life so it is contributing to health. Wood elements are also seen as a sign of abundance so the energy that they bring into your home increases the resources you have. Health and wealth, what else could you ask for, eh? You’ve seen people have indoor plants? Well now you know that they’re not just for purifying indoor air, while the windows allow ventilation for passive cooling.

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Coming back to venetian blinds, if the window furnishings are wooden and over rectangular windows, you’ve got this element covered. If it’s a square window, that’s a totally different Feng Shui element: Earth. The Earth element shows stability as well as being nourished. It allows the flow of energy through your windows and window furnishings to help you create a stable and loving relationship with your significant other. If you use it in your office space, you’ll have more stable workplace relationships.

Choose the Colors of Life

Coming onto the colors of the venetian blinds, you’ll have to be careful as each color represents a different element. Vibrant colors represent the fire element responsible for passion and vibrant energy. If you have vibrant colors such as pink, red, orange or even purple in your venetian blinds or other window furnishings, you’ll be highly energetic in getting things done and being more sexually active according to Feng Shui.

Water is represented by blue and black colors showing calmness and purity, and is said to increase your wealth. Green and brown are the colors for earth, while gray and white represent metal. Metal shows that you think with a clear and alert mind, and don’t let yourself stay distracted.

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