How to Choose the Right Style for Your Window Furnishings

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A well-appointed window can turn a gloomy room into a bright well-lit space, or add just the right touch of elegance to an otherwise drab interior design. Often the style of your window furnishings will dictate the décor for the rest of your room, so it’s important that you put a lot of thought into the window treatment you choose.

Whether your preference is for sweeping curtains and heavy drapes, colonial shutters and roman shades, or for one, the many varieties of window blinds you’ll find, here are some key aspects to consider before splurging.

What to Look for In a Window Furnishing


Natural sunlight is vital for our health, mood and wellbeing, and luckily, we usually get plenty of it here in Sydney. However UV rays can prove damaging for expensive furniture and fittings, not to mention the fact that bright artificial lights that come on outside at night, disrupt the duration and quality of sleep. So you need a window furnishing that can offer adequate control and cover from external sources of light. Thin curtains just, will not do.


Your home is a sanctuary and you want to feel free to enjoy it without the prospect of prying eyes. The level of privacy you want can make the difference between choosing sheer chic curtains or more robust vertical blinds


There are whole guides out there, written specifically for the care and maintenance of curtains. While fabrics can definitely bring a softer element to your room, taking them down to wash, dry and iron them periodically is a chore. On the other hand a simple set of aluminum or wood blinds can require no more attention than a simple dusting.


Of course budget will be one of your main limitations, so you’ll have to plan your window furnishings accordingly. While plastic blinds and cheap cotton blend curtains can cost as little as A$8 to A$10. The more luxurious your materials become, the more you’ll have to be prepared to pay up. Silky linen curtains may run you up to A$1000, while wooden panel blinds are still available at a more reasonable A$200. Remember this is without installation costs!


If you have children then this can be an overriding concern, The Window Covering Safety Council has a few recommendations about what to look out for when it comes to window cords. They suggest keeping cords as short as possible, and to ensure they’re out of the reach of children. Cords should be limited in movement and be anchored safely into walls.

What Are My Window Furnishing Options?

Opt for blinds if you want more control over privacy and exposure to sunlight. Blinds come in several styles that offer elegance, simplicity and a clean, unobtrusive fit. You’ll find them in an array of materials including: vinyl, aluminium, faux wood and real wood; with the last of those being the most expensive. Generally, wooden blinds are great for office spaces or bedrooms where they’re less likely to be exposed to moisture, while plastics or faux wood are preferred for bathrooms and kitchens.

You can also fit your slats to the demands of the room, and window. For example, wide slats are great for broad windows and rooms where you want to let a lot of light flow through; vertical panel blinds are better for tall windows and doors where you want to get a better view of your environment.


Whether you use them on their own, or pair them with some curtains; shades can provide some versatility and texture to your window furnishings. They provide a good mix between the softer fabrics of curtains, and the more practical applications of blinds.

If you’re looking for total protection from the sun, then opt for “Blackout” shades that come with a special UV proofed coating that will provide perfect dark. For a sense of style, how about some pleated Roman shades, with their billowing appearance, these shades are great for an ornately furnished living or dining room. Be careful of the cords though, they do tend to fray and snap with constant use.

Curtains have become a popular choice in recent years adding a contemporary and stylish finish to your window furnishings. We offer a wide range of colours and styles customised to your room and style.

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