Window Screens: Protective Addition to your Home

Window Screens: Protective Addition to your Home

The protection of your home and all of its contents is a matter of great importance because it contains all that is valuable and precious, such as your myriad of belongings and your family. This is why all conceivable measures must be taken to ensure that nothing breaches the security of your home.

This is especially true for various parts of Australia, where home robberies have continued to increase over the past year. Taking the example of Victoria, where the number of robberies went up an astounding 20 percent in 2017 alone, and Western Australia experiencing a rise in home burglaries which are at the highest number for a 13 year time bracket, it is imperative to take appropriate measures for home protection.

While the police make all the efforts necessary to prevent the rise of crime and wrongdoing in the country, it is every individual’s responsibility to keep the safety and well-being of their loved ones in mind, and to protect their homes in the best way.

Home Security Points for Consideration

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Perfect addition to your home

However, in order to better protect your home, you need to first know all about the important aspects of home protection, which start with knowledge about all the possible points of entry that your house has, which could be exploited. Following are some of the means to consider.

  • Secondary Doors: While this may sound obvious, it is surprising how many houses get broken into simply because of improperly secured secondary doors. A back door or a door on any other level of the house can easily be accessed since the front doors are usually the ones which are appropriately secured. Such a door may also be very easy to break, since it is less likely to be made of a strong and durable material. This makes adding durable door screens a necessity.
  • Hatches: A hatch may be anywhere in the house, and may lead to very important rooms, such as the main bedroom. These are even less likely to be properly secured, since they might not be as frequently used as the doors. This is a major hazard that needs to be considered.
  • Windows: Securing a window may seem futile, as a window can be broken into with very little effort. However, it is very important to have window security in place, to make sure that the weakest point of entry may be turned into the strongest. Good window screens and window furnishings will make sure the windows are not a weak point.

Durable Window Furnishings: The Home Security Solution

Every homeowner can play a part in reducing the rising number of breaking and entering cases by installing the right security measures in their homes. While alarm systems and guard dogs have their merits, they do cause quite the disturbance, especially when you consider the malfunctioning chances of the former and the maintenance and upkeep required for the latter.

A secured window, especially one that has a strong metallic construction and a locking mechanism, will surely protect the house from any and all burglars. They will also be a very convenient addition to the home, since they can be withdrawn and locked in place whenever needed. Aside from all that, they will increase the value of the house a lot, as they will make for a vital security measure, one that is likely to be very valuable in the long term.

Good quality window furnishings and door screens are a necessary addition to the house in this day and age, and any house that has them can be considered safe and secure.

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